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Language Program

Participants receive 1:1 language instruction.  Participants with all levels of Spanish language ability are encouraged to apply. Participant language proficiency is assessed and the language program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. The language instructors are certified and have been associated with this program since its inception. To supplement the formal language instruction, participants live with a traditional Ecuadorian host family to improve their functional communication and encourage their participation in cultural activities.

Two-Week Cultural Boost


Nature of the Program

This program is geared to education (general and special education teachers and administrators) and mental health professionals. Cultural competence and bilingualism are of considerable importance, and participation in the EcuadorPPP Boost programs serve to develop and enhance each participants’ openness to new ideas, dedication to lifelong learning, and ability to adapt to different cultures in an effective and competent manner.  In addition, participation in the EcuadorPPP Boost program shall serve to broaden an individual’s view of the world,  increase his or her ability to communicate with others from different backgrounds, lead to further personal growth, and an improved professional skill set.  Moreover, participation in the EcuadorPPP Boost program will increase a participant’s appreciation of cultural differences, ability to self-reflect, as well as handle unforeseeable situations with a greater level of maturity and independence.  It is important to mention that the skills, attitude, knowledge, and strategies gained from the EcuadorPPP Boost program will assist not only the participant during the international experience, but also the diverse students, families, and communities that they will serve when they return.

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